Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mozilla firefox cool browser.

Few years ago,every pc accessing the internet,uses only the internet explorer to surf the net.The internet explorers in older versions of windows,like in windows xp,vista were very slow and unstable.
But now a days we have ever fastest,safest and stable browsers and Mozilla Firefox is one of them.Mozilla Firfox is a freeware browser,easily available on Mozilla.org You can get the download link for the latest version of firefox on the right side of the page linked above.

Firefox is too much used these days,it is stable,faster than other browsers,easy to use,have millions of addons and personas. Firefox is too much stable that even you have opened multiple tabs,it doesnot give any error.
Firefox supports each and every webpage,any javascript,any web content. 
Firfox save somepart of webpages,data and other informations in the form of cookies,for future convenience,means if you open the same page again it will take less time to open than opening a page first time. 
Working on web,like posting content in your website or blog is normally done in firefox,as it is mostly preferred .
Firefox is the best browser.

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