Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Download songs from websites asking for premium membership without paying any thing.

>There are somany websites on web that allow users to listen online songs,dedicate or
buy online,you can listen online or dedicate a song or full album to your loved
ones,but if you want to download any of the song,you have to pay for the full
album,to that problem there is a simple solution

,first of all dowmload IDM[Internet
 donwload manager],after installing idm goto the website where you use to listen to songs
,click on the link to listen the song you want,idm has the capability
of picking the link from the flash song player[idm picks the link from which the flash
player recieves data to play the song in your web browser],due to this while you listen
 to song in website's flash player you will notice a "Download this audio"dialogue box
just click on that,then on download window click on download now and you are done.

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