Thursday, April 22, 2010

Integrate IDM into browsers

IDM[internet Download Manager]is the mostly used download manager due to its handy and usefull properties,
when you install and use idm you will get its integration only in mozilla firefox and Internet explorer,

but if you
want to integrate it into some other browser which ever you like just follow the following steps:-
1.Open the idm window go to download tab on file menu. on options,then click on general and window will appear like this showing list of browsers.

3.check mark the "use advanced browser integration" and idm will ask you for the system start up,click on yes.
4.after system start up check mark any browser from the list of browsers provided to you by idm,but if you have
installed some other browser which is not in the list,for adding that browser to the list click on add browser
and a window will popup showing program files just search for the browser folder and click on open after
selecting program's .exe file
5.after adding browser to the list check mark the browser you just added and you are done with browser integration.
Good Luck.

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