Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Can facebook beat google?

Facebook.com-number one social networking website.Google.com-world's extremely used search engine.

Both of these website are on consecutive 1st[Google] and 2nd place[Facebook].Normal man can't think of how much famous and useful are they.There are millions of tech blogs and website writing articles on each and every activity of these websites.If we talk about Google it doesn't make that much changes like Facebook do.Facebook is a social networking website and Google is an open source search engine, this thing separates both of them from each other.

                                                             When ever we look at both of them,the very first question that comes to our mind is"Can Facebook beat Google?"-neither we can say "no" nor we can say"yes"
                                                          Reasons behind our answer-as wee all know Facebook.com is social networking website where you can interact with new people or as usual you can stay connected with friends and family from any portion of the world,to use Facebook.com you have to signup to create account so that you can add your friends,relatives or others to get access of sending messages,commenting on wall posts,chat etc.Whereas on other hand in case of Google you have simply to type in Google.com hit enter and in half of a second Google.com opens up,it is not necessary to create account to use Google.com.
Google is an open source public search engine,on other hand facebokk.com is not an open source,to access facebook.com you first have to create an account with your valid email address[huge difference in usage].
                                                                                                                    If we count roughly or estimate, there are too many internet users with Google.com as their browser homepage,but users with Facebook.com as homepage are very rare.....!!!,so Google is too much visited other than Facebook this way.[Note-as to quicken the browser startups set Google.com or any other light website {mostly search engine} as your browser homepage].
                                                                          In schools it is normal to see teachers talking about Google but not about Facebook because Google help kids find out words,articles etc from web but Facebook can't[as not being a search engine],so Google gets more popularity, and human being of any age can use Google[lol].
                         Google provides more services than Facebook[social networking site only],Google have googleadsense,google analytics,google webmaster tools,books,images,videos etc which are very useful for site owners,bloggers and others.Where as on Facebook.com you can promote your website or business via fan pages or groups,and to promote your fan pages you can spend some money on adverts.
                                      On maximum sites you can see Facebook share buttons or like boxes to promote the site so that the site could become important and hence get maximum preference on SERPs[search engine result pages],resulting in more traffic.
                               Google don't disable any user's account without any email notification, but Facebook do.[i got my Facebook account disabled without any notification or reason].
         Thats all what we think,rest you[readers] tell us,comment below and express your views.
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