Saturday, June 26, 2010

Does page rank really matters?

Good page rank-the very first target of each and every person who starts working with blogs or websites.
                                               There is a common saying that, if you want your web articles to be on search engine result's front page, your blog should have a good page rank, i am disagree with this thing.
Reason behind this:-i started this blog three months ago with a name of and few days ago i bought custom domain []for this blog[from]
                                                                              Before this domain name my blog was three months old with no page ranks,but i was receiving enough traffic,with this new domain name its url changed and my blog got a restart resulting in no alexarank, no backlinks nothing but still i am receiving  some traffic which everyone says is ok for a newly started blog[url changed so my blog is now few days older only,and old blogspot domain is being redirected to my new domain,but older domain was not having any page ranks too].
                                                                                                                                                There are so many article on this blog where most visitors comes from search engines,

Are these people coming from sixth or seventh of search engine result pages?
If yes, Are these people that much free to surf that much far away pages,when google presents high quality search results on front pages?
Are there no websites which contains articles similar to those article of on this blog?
absolutely not, article on this blog are being shown on search results front pages or second third pages.
                                                           Now let me talk about some other sites,i have seen so many blogs and sites with no page ranks of any type but thousands of perday visitors,millions of page views and thousands of RSS feed subscribers,

Are all of these visitors coming directly through bookmarks of RSS feeds or sources other than search engines?
absolutely not, for any blog or site main source of visits are search engines.
Are you still in that page ranks matters the most, i am not saying that page rank matters nothing, it matters but to some extent.

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