Thursday, May 20, 2010

How to change link hover color.

When you point your mouse over an link on the page its color changes which is called as hover color which changes according to css which looks cool,to change that link hover color in your blogger go through the following steps:-
1.Login to your blogger dashboard,

2.Go to design-edit html page and press ctrl+f,search for hover word,
[Note-don't change any other hover color it may spoil your template's looks,there are multiple hover in template's html which works for like header or menu items],
the hover with text-decoration:underline works for your links on everypage of your blog,change its color:#________[for color codes go to SOMAN.COM there you will find thousands of css color codes]after changing color code preview your template for best results,if you are ok with the hover color save template,and  you get link hover color changed.
[I changed my blogger's link hover color from grey to black,check it]

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