Sunday, May 9, 2010

How to upload a template to blogger?

Blogging is very much fun,posting your articles,images etc is all part of fun,but sometimes you are not satisfied with your blogger template and you have choosen a blogger template from a website like,, etc but you are unable to upload the downloaded template .xml file, so in this article i am going to explain you step by step how to upload a xml file and to install it:-

1.Sign in to your blogger dashboard and click as shown in the image below ,
 2.After you click on the edit html page you will see a cloose file button click on that,

3.Choose the name.xml file from your computer and,
4.Click on upload, after uploading the template xml file you will be asked to keep or delete the widgets,if you want to keep the widgets click on keep the widgets or for deleting the widgets click on delete widgets,
5.Finally you are done with your work, edit html,add page elements make your blogger template looks better according to your interest and creativity.[Note-for video tutorial click on play button below]


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