Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to change menu bar text and links in a blogger.

After changing blogger template,you find yourself with lot of work to do like customizing your template changing links,widgets,images etc.
So here i am going to help you in changing menu bar text and links in blogger.
Follow some of the simplest steps to make these changes:-
1.Login to your dashboard-design-edit html,

2.Press Ctrl +f and type "home",[click on image to make it larger]

3.You will see opening body section,under that you will find a div class id="submenu bar",in this div id all your menu bar html exists,change your homepage url or you can go on without changing it, to add menu items copy similar html with opening and closing li tags from there in,and change its url and title to your preferred title
<li><a href='http://tipsandtricksforweb.blogspot.com/search/label/BLOG' title='BLOG'>Blog</a></li>

,repeat the process for every time you add an item,
in the image for every arrow there exists a menu bar item,the html which is underlined works for one single item,add item name,give it a title according to your item url.
4.After working with these steps,click on save template and you get your menu bar ready.

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