Thursday, July 1, 2010


Interlinking-linking your pages in your own article's descriptions.
                                                                                                                                        Interlinking is a very useful process for bloggers or website owners,it helps in site promotion.
                                              Benefits of interlinking-interlinking mailny help in reducing bounce rate,page views etc.Interlinking helps in increasing page views per visit for example suppose a visitor is reading an article about SEO in your page and a keyword or line is there like "How to make blog SEO friendly?",which you know is one of your article's title,you just link the article to that line which results in more page views per visit,other benefit of interlinking is,suppose your visitor is reading an article about SEO [same example as above] and he found words or line like "before doing this you should have some HTML knowledge",if you have an article related to HTML training or help, link it to this line either your visitor Google about HTML help,this linking makes your article user friendly and similarly decreasing bounce rate,increasing page views.
                CONCLUSION-Interlinking increases +points of a site.  
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