Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Waybackmachine-check any web page in its older times

Waybackmachine.org is one of the very useful website on the web,this waybackmachine provide users ability to see how a particular webpage was looking in its older times,you can even see how it looks like in its starting day,can view any post of that time,all layouts are shown in accordance to years and months,all you need is just to type in the url of a web page on Waybackmachine.org ,click on go wayback!.You can see see any webpage in history as far back as in 1996,it contains 10 billion web pages with 56 billion captures.
.Following are some example of web pages in their earlier history,
Mashable.com on 30th july 2005,
[..click on image to enlarge..]
Techcrunch.com on 4th august 2005,
[..click on an image to enlarge..]
Softpedia.com on 29th sept 2003,
[..click on an image to enlarge..]
Huffingtonpost.com on 10th may 2005,
[..click on an image to enlarge..]
Google.com on 2nd december 1998,

[..click on an image to enlarge..]
Check out your website or blog in history using wonderful feature.
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