Friday, August 13, 2010

Make read more link same to post title link.

Read more,continue reading etc are some text used below the posts on homepages,which when clicked on opens the full post,but sometimes you may have seen after clicking on read more url of the post changes to somewhat "http://blogname.posttitle.html#more" or similar,

which doesn't makes sense and when you copy that link you have to edit it before pasting it for sharing,so to make read more link same to post title link follow some simple steps[for blogger only]:-
1.Go to dashboard - design - edit html,
2Click on expand widget templates,
3.Press ctrl+f and search for #more, and delete this text"+ "#more""
4.After deleting that text click on save template and you will see read more link same to your post title link,
and you are done.

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