Saturday, August 7, 2010

How to subscribe to feeds using live bookmarks.

Subscribing to a website or blog is a nice thing,it keeps you updated with all of its posts and articles,commonly used way of subscribing to a site is email subscription in which you get an email per post,which sometimes results in too much unread emails of updates and you just delete them all in bulks,if you don't like subscribing to email subscription instead subscribe to live bookmarks.
                          Follow some simple steps to subscribe to live bookmarks:-
[only for Mozilla Firefox users]
1.Go to RSS feeds of a site[in blogger just type in,in other websites you have to search for RSS feeds,like] and click select live bookmarks option from dropdown and click on subscribe.
[ on image to enlarge..]
2.Then a browser window will pop up where you can edit bookmark name and folder,type in name select folder and click on subscribe,
[ on image to enlarge..]
3. Then you will see a bookmark on your browser toolbar[only in Mozilla Firefox],
[ on image to enlarge..]
4.Click on bookmark and latest news,posts or article titles will drop down ,
 [ on image to enlarge..]
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