Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Check broken links on your webpage

Broken links-broken links are those links which goes to no where or links which got broken due to errors like one or more alphabet added while typing and link goes wrong or the linking web pages deleted etc.

Broken links affect web pages containing them,while search engine robots index or crawl pages,the broken links make  certain web page poor,and poor pages are most probably not indexed by search engine robots.
                                                                  To get rid of this bad thing,just follow some simple steps to check broken links so that you can safely remove or correct them:-
1.Just click and go to Brokenlinkcheck.com.
2.Type in your web page url and click on find broken links button,
3.After that you will see a page[shown below],enter your web page url again,then code and click on Find broken links now!
4.Then it will start checking all of your web pages and within a couple of minutes it will show you a list of all of your broken links info[also shows on which page the broken link is found,to check that page click on url link in front of the found broken link],[click to enlarge image]
 Click on url link to see the web pages where broken links were found:-
 5.Remove or correct all broken links by visiting the pages one by one and after doing corrections again repeat step 3 until you see image like this showing 0[zero] broken links found,
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