Sunday, July 25, 2010

How to verify your account. it number one social networking website for each and every person,community,blogs,websites,company etc,it makes us share latest updates via tweets and get updates in form of tweets from the people or community we like and follow.
If you are having your twitter account for you or your company or blog,and you are too much popular because of your name or company,and you think that there are so many fake twitter accounts of your name and you want all of your fans and lovers follow your real account,so you just need to verify your twitter account.

 Why to verify your twitter account?-Verified account helps people follow the right person and not the fake account,it helps differentiate the original account from the fake account.

Follow the following simple steps to make your twitter account verified by
1.Log in to your twitter account and go to this page Twitter[account verify form].
2.Fill in the application form with full details like full name,location,official website,bio information etc.
3.Provide full details so that they find it easy to verify your account,enter correct name of the person who is tweeting[in who's tweeting? section].
4.Click on send request and request will be sent.

5.If you succeed in verification you will receive an email and will get your account verified with verified account badge on its top right.
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