Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Guest posting

Guest posting-its a nice way of posting articles for other blogs or websites to earn money,backlinks or earn revenue through revenue sharing program[blog],
it is beneficial for both website admin and for writer,both gets benefit out of it,Is it really a beneficial and useful thing?

to know just check out its advantages and disadvantages below:-
                                              For writers:-guest posting for writers are too much  useful and advantageous ,by guest posting writers can earn a lot of revenue by different methods like direct payouts,payout according to views,revenue sharing methods[placing ads on guest posts or similar ways] etc.When you get money paid for your articles you do lot of hard work,gather lots of information and try to prepare lot of articles for guest posting and you get paid for them.
                                             For Admin:-guest posting method or scheme is useful too for website or blog owner,they get lot of posts for their site which makes blog/website good running with regular posting basis.Mainly guest posting keeps update regular which run their site quite good and smoothly,gathers lot of traffic,keep their readers with regular updates and material.
                                            For writers:-with lot of advantages guest posting too have some disadvantages like, guest posting makes writer lazy to update his own site/blog because when writer guest posts for other blog/website he get paid a lot,but when he write and post article on his own site he just get paid for ads,but due to irregular updates he would have made his site with too less traffic,with low traffic he receives low click on ads and impressions  which provide him very less revenue.If someday the blog/site for which the writer guest posts stops the guest post program then what will write do to earn money?
                                       For admin:-guest posting scheme for admin is disadvantageous too,guest posting makes admin do less work for his site,he don't care of gathering information for writing articles for his site because he know that he is having a lot of people posting articles for his site,this thing makes him a bit lazy,with increase in laziness interest in niche fly away.Guest posting affects standards,everyone posts his own way,when lot of people posts articles on same site,each article differ from each other in wording,way of writing,way of explanation etc,this thing reduces number of readers and traffic too.
So these were advantages and disadvantages of Guest posting.
"If you want to guest post check out 10 site to guest post in."

What you think about guest posting??just comment and show your views and opinions.
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