Monday, July 12, 2010

Add DISQUS comment section to blogger

DISQUS.COM provides custom comments section for bloggers and websites,these comments section are quite good,nice looking and useful in many ways,you can see this type of comments section on MASHABLE.COM and check how it looks like.

So now we should proceed to our task of adding this custom comments section to blogger,follow some of the simple steps to add it to your blogger:-
1.Go to DISQUS.COM and register an account using your email address,
2.Do some settings like check open id, Facebook,twitter etc[if you want your commenter to share his twitter, Facebook or id] and click continue,
3.Now choose blogger from list of blogging platforms[like wordpress,typepad etc] and click on it,
4.Next step is to upload .xml file of your blogger template to online editor,so that it can patch your template and add this comments section to your blogger,without making you do any html editing stuff,
5.After downloading your template.xml file just tab in to your disqus setup page and click on choose file,choose the required file,check mark option which ever you want[form for new comments only or for new comments and older too][my opinion check mark for newer comments only] and click on "upload and continue",
6.Final step-disqus will patch your template and present before you the entire html of your template just click inside the text area [where your html is shown after patching] and copy the entire html code[please expand the text area for convenience] for pasting it into your blogger's edit html section,after pasting the html code click on save template and the work is over.
save template

click on save template and view your blogger post's new comment section with multiple feature and nice looks.

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