Wednesday, July 14, 2010 added Connect with Facebook Feature. is a third website with highest user traffic according to,it means it is world's top most website for watch online videos.
         keeps on maintaining its features and system to give new users a wonderful experience and for existing users a friendly maintained online video source,more over it keeps on adding new things to maintain its name and fame.
This time they added connect button to let its users signup using their account,
When an user do click on this button,it asks user to allow to access user's Facebook account to start sign up process,

when allowed it will follow on to sign up page to created an account,
"What reason might be behind that?:-Reason behind might be's popularity,now a days so much of websites are on using "Connect with Facebook" feature to make sign up process easy and secured,so too took this step as hoping of rapid increase in accounts and in a simpler and more secured way."

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