Monday, August 16, 2010

How to comment on blog posts

Comments work as a booster for writer,when writer receives too much comments on his article his abilities to write articles increases,

so to elaborate this thing i have gathered some tips on how to comment on blog posts:-
1.First of all if after reading post or article something pops in you mind about the post just express it or say it by commenting.
2.Maximum blogs admin or moderate post comments as not to let any one violate the comments area by non acceptable abusing comments,so in that blogs just comment what you think about the post or what are your views,just ignore saying or writing bad or abusive words,as even a single bad word will make your comment not liable to be approved.
3Also there are blogs which have become major source of reading for millions of readers,which allows unlimited comments and you can too add your url after your comment,supports open ids,log in with your twitter or facebook etc,in those blogs comment the way you like to comment and provide your blog or website url if you like,but try not to comment too much or give url too many times as blog may have option of marking comment as spam by other commentators.
4.Some blog allows only text comments[no url in comments] with your name[required],url[optional] and email[required] as the only thing required to comment,no log in with facebook or twitter,in those blogs comment with your words only and not with your url as adding url may make your comment not allowed and even if you post the comment it will not appear with other comments. 
5.Some blogs allow only name and comment,you just put your name and comment.There you just enter your name and comment text don't add url,which may result in your comment will not appear.
6.Blogger and Wordpress both of these are popular blogging platforms[you can create blog for free],as standard comment section blogger allows open id,anonymous,typepad,wordpress anem/url and blogger account,you can change setting whether to moderate comments or not,url in comments allowed and wordpress allows log in with wordpress account or name[required].url[optional] and email[required],in wordpress all comments are moderated.[in bothe you can use other commenting system like Disqus or Intensedabate].
   So these were some tips using which you can comment on different blogs,if you have seen more types of  comment system tell us by commenting and post will be updated.

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