Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Add subscribe to updates or email subscription box to your blogger

Email subscription option in your blog provides your blog readers or users regular email updates based on how you update your blog,people subscribed to your blog receives emails or newsletter containing your blog updates or post,best email subscription provider is Google feed burner which is free of cost and is mostly trusted by users,if you haven't added this feature yet just follow some simple steps to add it:-

1.Go to Google feedburner and log in using your Google account and enter your blog url like or just below this line "Burn a feed right this instant:" and click on next,
select and click on next,
after this you will get to edit feed title or feed address,if you like edit it or just click on next,
after this click on skip directly to feed management,
,click on publicize from menu options,
,click on image subscription on the left sidebar,
,click on activate button to activate your email subscription management,
,copy the code or select blogger and click on go to add widget,or do it manually by pasting code in html/javascript gadget,

click  on save and you are done.
[try to add this subscription column at the top of the page,if you want to display this box below every post of your blog just head on to Below post].

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