Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beware of free mail service

GMX.COM is a website which provides free mail service and space for saving your email containing attachments and files,this website is having 11 thousand + facebook fans and i think all of these people don't know that is not the safest and the coolest email service provider.

Reason behind that:-
On 08-24-2010 blocked my account without any reason and notification,it was second time i tried to log in with correct email id and password but got the worst news ever that "Your account has been blocked"
[ on image to enlarge..]
,say if i were a guy went to use this email for my important tasks like saved important attachments or document transfer etc and while doing something important like this this thing would have happened ,how much ridiculous that would have been.
So i suggest all the reader not to sign up with this, and before relying on other service providers make sure that there are people who have made email account on this from a long time and using it or contact some one using those services.
Best email service providers suggested are Gmail,Hotmail,Yahoo! mail [click on links for further info]all of these are top free email service providers. 
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