Friday, August 20, 2010

Wordpress hosting websites

Wordpress is a blogging platform like Blogger,Typepad etc where hundreds to thousands of professional bloggers daily do posting with their team members and serve the people with news,help and other content.Wordpress allows to make a free blog where you can just add some widgets,write posts thats it,but to go professional you need to host all of your blog content on some hosting servers provided by hosting website with different plans,some of the hosting websites which are preferred by are - Follow this link Wordpress Hosting sites ,after you read the linked page you will come to know about the hosting website and by visiting their site you can roughly compare their plans,but to help you get good hosting with good help and support we suggest to signup with any of the following site:-

1.Bluehost which provides unlimited hosting and very good customer support starting from $6.95/month Check the site for further info.
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2.Dreamhost which is well known hosting site providing good customer support and unlimited hosting from $6.95/month.Check the site for furthur info.
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3.Hostgator which is well known hosting site,its cheap and best with unlimited hosting starting from $4.95/month.Check the site for further info.
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So these were some best wordpress hosting site where you can host your wordpress blog for professional work.
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