Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blogger official popular posts and stats counter widgets added

Blogger is a platform where any one with email id and an idea for blogging can create and run a blog for free,blogger keeps on adding widgets and other useful tools for their bloggers,this time they added two useful widgets in their add a gadget section which are page views counter

 and popular posts widget,
both of these tools are useful,they function fine and add to the features of the blog,page views counter displays the total number of page views from the starting of the blog till date and popular posts widget retrieves information from blog history and displays the most viewed posts.
These two things are useful and nice,adding them is must,to do so follow some simple steps:-
1.Go to dashboard-design and click on add a gadget 
2.First two gadget are the gadgets which you are going to add,
3.Click on popular posts gadget image and customize it,
and click on save.
4.Click on blog stats image and customize it,
select the widget style and click on save to add it.
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