Thursday, August 26, 2010

Surf internet in full screen mode[in browser]

Full screen mode is liked too much by many users[Cathode ray Monitor users especially] it adds to fun,there are so many computer applications which you can run in full screen mode,but you might be thinking of running your browser in full screen mode.

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                      You can run your browser in full screen mode,like when you have opened any webpage just click on F11 and what you will see is your opened tab will be streched to full screen where you can browse the way you like,for changing tab go to top of the page and when your arrow touches the top of the screen the tab bar will lower down[in Mozilla Firefox] 
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from where you can change the tab,can exit the full screen mode[other way is to press F11]and in Google chrome just press F11 or when you touch the top of the screen a tab saying "Exit full screen (F11)" will low down,there just click on it or press F11.
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 Best use of this feature is when you are watching Facebook images or reading articles on Wikipedia or playing games in browser or etc.[For other browsers no info available]
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