Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gmail spam "spam message with subject me i.e message received from your own email"what is that and how to deal with it.

Gmail is free mail service provided by Google.Inc,its one of the mostly used email service and is the safest too.But due to Google and its product's ease,usage etc all of the bad master minds try to play with the features provided by Google and its products.
Gmail is the Google's free email service and is well secured,but as we all know that every account receives spam messages which is separated from other

messages,but what will you do if you have received a spam message with details showing that the sender of the message is you[your email id]?
Well yesterday i received a similar type of mail with subject me and sender me too[my own email],
[ on image to enlarge..]
the subject of the mail was "me i.e email message by my own email id" and detail shows my email id being used,
 [ on image to enlarge..]
 but gmail simply helped my understand the situation,they simply notified in yellow area that

"This message was likely forged and did not originate from your account. Learn More"
i just switched to new tab by clicking on Learn more and after reading the page i came to know that this all is called as "Spoofing" in which email receiver's email id is used to hide sender's email id in order to send spam messages with details showing user's own email id as a sender of the mail.
So this may not state that your account is accessed by some one unknown,but as a security measure just check recent access to your account to make sure that no one else accessed your account to do all this.
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