Wednesday, September 15, 2010

iphone conference call app

Apple iphone is a handy smart phone with lots of features and apps,but to enjoy or to take more benefit of a smart phone you need to have some additional apps for your iphone according to your needs or likes.
                        presents an iphone app by making use of which you can make Free conference calls from any where with no booking,no billing and no fuss!,

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the app can esily be downloaded and made ready for use,with you can make uk conferene calls just at the rate equal to your phone call rates[4.3p/min+VAT price shown by],
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not only UK,but this free conference service can be used in additional 14 countries
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Getting started with's app:-
Go to and at the top you will see a download link and a view demo link to view demo,from there view demo and download the app,after that comes the different ways to get your app PIN by which you can enjoy the free conference and premium benefits with different ways of access.
1.Open access-you just need to enter your email id to get the PIN for open access[low features].
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2.Enhanced Access-This way provides some more features than the above way,click and get your personal pin for this access,
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3.Premium Access-This is the finest way to get a personal code for your app and in this premium access you can get every thing which ever can provide to you,
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so this was all the information we[and] gathered about this cool iphone app,for more info on this app refer to .
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