Thursday, September 2, 2010

New! Priority Inbox beta- what is this and how to use it.

Gmail is free email service provided by Google with 7493mb free space provided to each and every user and is one of the safest email platform,

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Gmail is in a wide use by unlimited number of users increasing day by day.Few days ago they made minor changes to their Layout and now they introduced Priority inbox[refer the following video to know more]

Priority inbox is a useful tool introduced by gmail team which separates your important email from your other emails.
To use it:-
1.log in to your gmail and at the top in red fonts you will see New! Priority Inbox Beta just after your written email id,
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2.Click on that red text and you will see a hover ticket showing priority inbox youtube video[shown above] from there click on Try it now!,
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3.Then gmail will auto select some of the mail and categorize them as important or unimportant,choose important or unimportant emails or leave it[you can do it later too],
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4.Then at the left sidebar a priority inbox bar will be placed showing unread email from gmail team and other important unread emails,from there you can check your unread important email or simply can check all of your emails,
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5.Every email you read,at its top you will see a yellow + box and - white box which stands for +[mark as important email],-[mark as unimportant email],
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and in your inbox every important email will show a dull yellow dot,marking the mail as important,
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and 6 more at the left tab bar will change to 7 more after you start using priority inbox[including important tab],
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,so this was New! Priority Inbox beta and how to use it.
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