Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Youtube advertisements-clicking on that will not interrupt you

Youtube.com is the biggest source of online videos,officially owned by Google.Inc,Alexa.com ranked it on third place according to traffic stats,

because of high traffic and usage Youtube shows Google ads on the its right side bar 

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and on its videos too,
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,but many of the users think that websites source of online videos like youtube.com should not be showing ads,but the fact is that youtube don't show their own ads,it shows ads of users or uploaders with their videos,so that uploaders with too much visits can earn revenue from their video views .

In case of right side bar ads,if you find an add interesting or related to the query you were searching for or will search for,just click and try the site,in maximum possibilities you will get the right site to view.

Much of the ads shown in the right side bar are videos of products or promoted videos.

To click on the right side bar ads first you have to pause the playing video mannualy other vise you will loose some seconds or minutes of your videos.
But Youtube's on video advertisements program is different and amazing,while you watch the video the ads with one or two links with some description displays on the lower side of the embedded video,
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when you click on that ad a new tab opens up with the webpage from the ads,
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and the video you were watching auto pause as not to make you loose some part of the video.So advertising on Youtube is done in a perfect way as not to interrupt or abuse its users.
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