Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Internet Explorer 9Beta reviews.

On 15th of sept Microsoft corporation released beta version of IE9 Beta on one of their websites Beautyoftheweb [download from the link or click on the image below] to provide its users with ultimate browsing experience,

the IE9 beta is very different from its previous versions for reading more about its features proceed to IE9 Beta Highlights .
[..click on image to enlarge..]
Reviews-It was 1 a.m[09-14-2010],last hour of the day for me to work and i clicked on
Mashable.com homepage,one of their story brought me to beautyoftheweb.com
which is one of Microsoft.com's official website from where you can download the IE9 Beta to experience the new browser from Microsoft,for near about 5-6 days i am testing browsing web,doing stuff like uploading,downloading,watching videos and lot more and came with this.
1.That the new IE9 is really different from its previous versions,you can browse web like Google Chrome browser,yes this IE9 is that much fast.
2.All the loading stuff like Gmail loader and similar loaders loads with good speed rates[very high speed internet users will not be able to see gmail loader more that half of a second].
3.Sometimes images never loads in case of heavy webpages,as IE9 tries to load the pages as quickly as possible and to do this thing images taking time to load are not loaded[our blog takes 6+ seconds to load as Alexa shows and some images may not load for first or second time].
4.All rounded corners of the pages are shown in edged corners,
[in IE9 Beta]

[in Other browsers]

5.One of its amazing feature is that you can pin any of your favourite web page to your Windows 7 taskbar.
and on right click you can start private browsing or simply open the tabbed page,
6.Default search engine is Bing.
7.Like Google Chrome when you click on open new tab you will see the thumbnails of the pages you visited the most placed accordingly, most visited [more number of times visited] >>> [less number of times visited]mostly visited,
 8.You can activate Favorite bar and Tools bar by right clicking on the area just above the tabs,
9.You can add any web page to Favorite bar by just clicking on the small star on the left extreme side of the Favorite bar,
so these were some points that adds to IE9 Beta reviews,the post will soon be updates with lot more reviews.Till then download and use IE9 Beta to enjoy new browsing machine by Microsoft.

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