Saturday, September 25, 2010

Orkut Buyukkokten creator of orkut-add him as friend on your orkut account. is a social networking site officially owned by Google.Inc .It consists of scraps,instant messages,friends,communities,users can scrap friends,share videos,pictures with each other.

,its a lot of fun and really a cool site to stay in contact of your friends and
family.Major countries using this site are Paraguay,Brazil,Estonia,India etc.
On reading the wikipedia page about Orkut we will get to know that this social networking site was created by Orkut Buyukkokten a Software engineer from Turkey. He created when he was just 17 years old,he really did a great
job and provided this social networking site for people,another amazing thing is that he is still an user with 100,000+ scraps and some 470 friends,

[ on image to enlarge..]
any orkut user can add him as a friend into his/her account.Here is link of Orkut Buyukkokten's profile.Add him and interact with him about his life or any other thing.Enjoy
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